About SubwayHotels

SubwayHotels.com helps you to find hotels using subway, metro and tube stations as reference points.

SubwayHotels.com is a sister site to TubeHotels.com - TubeHotels helps you to find London hotels near London Underground stations. SubwayHotels does the same for Berlin hotels near U-Bahn stations, Madrid hotels near Madrid metro stations and Paris hotels near Paris metro stations. We will add more cities over the coming months.

SubwayHotels displays the exact location of all hotels using an interactive map. To ensure that you get the cheapest price and best discounts on your hotel stay, we compare prices from several hotel reservations websites and let you choose which one to book your rooms with. We earn a commission when you book with one of the sites we link to.

We hope you enjoy finding your next hotel using our site!

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Our office address is 35 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AA. Telephone 020 7183 7183.

Get in touch with us at team@subwayhotels.com