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About Berlin

Berlin has undergone a dramatic transformation since the reunification of Germany in the 1990s. The areas of the city that were formerly part of East Berlin have been regenerated in an effort to bring them up to standard with its western counterparts.

Part of these changes has been a proliferation of hotels in the eastern districts. The area around the historical Brandenberg Gate - one of the city's iconic landmarks and a popular tourist attraction - as well as the Mitte district have become well served by a fine selection of accommodation options with something to suit most tastes and budgets. These are several metro stations within easy reach of these areas, including Mohrenstrasse and Friedrichstrasse

Mitte in particularl has become home to an array of hotels. Situated on the eastern side of Brandenberg Gate, this district boasts some of Berlin's best and most historic attractions, including Museum Island and the Reichstag building. The atmospheric Friedrichstadt quarter near the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt square is this area's most vibrant spot, and culture lovers will enjoy the proximity to a major theatre hall that sits in the centre of the plaza. The closest metro station to the Gendarmenmarkt is Franzosische Strasse

Most of the accommodation choices in the western city centre are located around one of Berlin's most prestigious avenues, the Kurfurstendamm, which is lined with boutique fashion stores. There is a good range of mid to high-range hotels around here, with most of the best hotels to be found at the upper end of the avenue between Uhlandstrasse and the Memorial Church. The Kurfurstendamm and Uhlandstrasse metro stations are both located at the upper end of the avenue.

Also in the west, the area of Charlottenburg is the leisure and nightlife capital of Berlin. It is also home to the Charlottenburg Palace - the largest surviving royal palace in Berlin - as well as several museums. Birkenstrasse metro station is located in Charlottenburg and is a short walk from the palace.

Whilst all of the above areas enjoy a central location close to most of the city's main attractions, you can get better value for money by venturing a little further out into the Berlin suburbs.

The Western residential districts of Schoneberg, Kreuzberg, Wilmersdorf and Tiergarten all have a wide range of places to stay. The diverse and multi-cultural district of Kreuzberg is a particularly interesting part of town, being home to a large immigrant community as well as a lively cultural scene. There are several metro stations located in Kreuzberg including and Prinzenstrasse.